Bicycle Mayor and Leaders Network

Global initiative

The Bicycle Mayor & Leaders Network is a global initiative to accelerate the progress of cycling in cities by highlighting and supporting the role of civil society in enacting lasting, community driven change.

Bicycle Mayors are the human face and voice of cycling advocacy in a city. We connect these change-makers across a global network to create greater visibility and facilitate the sharing of knowledge, ideas, challenges, and solutions to create a truly radical shift.

We initiated the network in 2016 with Amsterdam’s first Bicycle Mayor and it has since then grown to over 100 advocates from cities in more than 30 countries. Together, they are using the bicycle to address pollution crises, tackle road deaths, strengthen communities, break down social barriers and enable greater access essential services and economic opportunity. Time for your city to get a Bicycle Mayor?

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Learn more about the core principles that define and guide, the work of every Bicycle Mayor. Take a look at the visionary document.

visionary document



To ensure Bicycle Mayors share a set of global rules and values, we have developed a code of conduct, that each Mayor follows.

code of conduct



What is the Bicycle Mayor Network? What do they work on? What has happened so far? Find the answers to all your questions below.