Paul Balban

About me:

For me, the bicycle has always conjured certain magic, and it has formed in integral part of many of my fondest childhood memories. Starting out as a dietitian, health, public health, wellness and behavioural change has always been part of my personal and working life and I have seen the bicycle as an ally in achieving all of this and more. The way we move, especially within cities is paramount if we are to address and meet all those critical targets to counter climate change and create people centred, greener, healthier and vibrant cities. I was responsible for the creation of Gibraltar’s first segregated bicycles lanes, aiming to bring commuter cycling and active travel to the forefront as an alternative mode of sustainable travel in a city that has one of the highest vehicle ownership rates in the world.

Plans for my term:

I intend to continue the work I started as the Minister for Transport in Gibraltar, supporting and encouraging a change in the way people view the bicycle, whether they adopt cycling as a mode of travel or recreation or not. I aim to empower those that wish to cycle with the tools that will give them the confidence to do so. I intend to show that the bicycle has many uses and many attributes to be able to provide a means of moving, getting fitter, and doing many common things in a different yet exciting way. Above all, I intend to show how the bicycle has an enormous ability of making us all smile. I wish to continue the journey I embarked upon 12 years ago, making Gibraltar a cycling friendly city or at least a city that makes the bicycle and the cyclist feel welcome and at home.