Alice Thomas

Alice is passionate about all things cycling and the huge benefits it can bring to us as individuals and the community. As a mother of two young boys, a keen triathlete and Ironman athlete, cycling has long been a big and important part of Alice’s life. For 15 years she cycled daily around London and has seen the benefits of improved cycling infrastructure. As a UK ambassador for Liv Cycling, the global cycling brand just for women, she is now helping to build women’s confidence to cycle and compete in triathlons, whatever their experience or background.

What are your plans as Bicycle Mayor?

As Bicycle Mayor of Tonbridge, she advocates for better and safer cycling infrastructure in her city and wants to help drive a more harmonious relationship between motorists and cyclists. She is particularly focused on promoting and encouraging local families to take smaller journeys by bicycle and to recognize the benefits of cycling for individuals and the community. In this context she also promotes and supports the critical mass movement in her city.