Dalip Sabharwal

My name is Dalip Sabharwal. I am a Six Sigma Green Belt certified having 10+ years of work experience in the corporate sector and now working in field of women empowerment for the past 5+ years. I am a marathon runner and an avid cyclist, who use cycle not only for leisure ride but for daily office commute too. I am a founder of ‘Delhi Pedalers & Runners’ group in the city that help beginners to start with cycling and running. I am also a part of the organizing team of ‘Super Sikh Run’ (Marathon) that organizes marathon runs in different cities. Cycle to Work, Run to stay fit, Tree plantation, Women Empowerment, Save Water, Clean India are some of the top agendas that I have been dedicatedly working for along with my office job.

What are your plans as Bicycle Mayor?

My plan for my 1st term as a Bicycle Mayor is to make #CycleToWork a new normal in the country. Cycling is not new for us, especially in India, cycles have been the only mode of travel for many people. However, with the time we see a disconnect now especially in women and children. I want to reconnect people to cycling. My plan is to create awareness amongst the people from all the age group and sectors that Cycle is the most eco-friendly, economical and healthy mode of travel. My plan is to bridge a gap between cycle users and competent authorities to make Delhi a cycle friendly city.