Cynthia Lopez de la Fuente

I am an urban cyclist who has been studying sustainable urban mobility while being the voice and face for urban cyclists in the community, institutions, and government. For the last 6 years I have coordinated two cycling groups: Colectivo Ciclista Fixiebeat and Bicicleta Blanca Juárez (Ghost bike), who have played key roles in promoting safe urban cycling for all people in Ciudad Juárez and cycling as a means of transportation.

Along with other activists, I am part of the Heroic Pedestrians Collective which seeks to demand from governments better urban mobility infrastructure for everyone.

I also work for an NGO named Desarrollo Economico de Ciudad Juárez A.C., that is creating a long-term economic strategy for the city, in which I am lobbying for cycling projects.

What are your plans as Bicycle Mayor?

The main barrier in our city is that urban infrastructure is planned for cars. Furthermore,
because we do not have decent public transportation, the government allows people to
transit without number plates and insurance, which results in 1 car for every 3 citizens. As a result of this, low-income communities suffer the most. I hope to create a positive shift towards a more human-centric city by:

  • Ensuring the proper implementation of the Cyclist Mobility Plan done by the Local Institute for Research and Planning (IMIP), which includes the installation of segregated bicycle lanes along the city.
  • Ensuring the proper implementation of Master Plan for Public Bicycle Sharing System in Ciudad Juarez.
  • Reinstallation of the recreational bicycle lane on Sundays, as a way to promote the bicycle as a sustainable vehicle, better health for the community and social cohesion.
  • Continuing to engage people and give visibility to the cyclist community by organizing mass rides and events that promote the bicycle as a means of transportation.
  • Lobbying to receive updates on local public policies and for local budget allocation for maintenance of the existing and new bicycle paths.

How can someone learn more about your work and follow along with your progress?

Colectivo Ciclista Fixiebeat

Bicicleta Blanca Juárez