Chirag Shah

My Name is Chirag Shah. I am 32 years old MBA Graduate & a young entrepreneur from Thane City. I started cycling 4 years back with a group called Wheels & Barrels, one of the biggest Groups in the City. I did a lot of bicycle events with my group, Thane Municipal Corporation & other Local NGOs.
I dream and working hard to see Thane as the Bicycle Capital of India one day.

How would you describe your mission?

I aim to make behavior change in this city and want to break a mindset – (Bicycle is seen as a poor man’s vehicle and Car is seen as rich as a status). I have started an initiative to teach women how to ride a bicycle for free called “Mein Chalaungi” to build the gap between the ratio of women riders to Men Riders

The key focus will be to create awareness about bicycles to create behavior change in the city, and thus increase ridership in Thane. For this, I plan to carry out various projects.

1. Cycling Infrastructure development with the help of Municipal Corporation and authorities.

2. Creating awareness programs in big complexes and societies in Thane City by giving presentations.

3. Cycle to Work, School, college, and market

4. Free Women’s Training on how to ride a bike with the help of Project Mein Challenge

5. Cycling Friendly Shops which will give respect, priority & Some discounts to the customers who come on the bike to the local stores.