We are a team of Bicycle Futurists, human geographers, urban planners, communicators, and campaign creators. We work from our HQ in Amsterdam West, but also work on projects in cities around the world. Passion, creativity, collaboration and vision are the values that bind us as a team. We are always looking for talented new people to join us. Browse the opportunities below or if there are no active vacancies, feel free to send us an open application.


Please check back later, or submit an open application if you feel you’re the perfect person to work at BYCS in the future.

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Don’t see any job applications that match you skills or interests? Are you eager to accelerate the impact that increased cycling in cities brings? Do you have the belief that a cycling-centric future exists, the passion to make this a reality and the skills to complement the BYCS philosophy? Get in touch and tell us about your motivation for being part of BYCS.

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