Stéphane Bubel

I have been riding sports bikes since a young age (MTB and Race Bike). For 10 years I have lived part-time for 10 years in Germany (Constance) where I have the pleasure of cycling safely. Mobility by bicycle, climate protection, sustainability and the conservation of biodiversity are important to me, which is why I want to help Mulhouse in its transition to more mobility by bicycle.

I am member of the French CADRes Mulhouse, (cyclists associated for the right to ride in safety), of the German Vélo Club Konstanz, who I trained children) and of the German Cycling Club ADFC (who I .

For me, cycling is not just for sport (road cycling or mountain biking …) or for Sunday family walks, a form that I also practice. The bicycle is also the daily means of transport to go to work, go to school, do shopping, the most efficient for the city, but also the suburbs and even the countryside as long as you has suitable and secure infrastructure. For this, we need a very important societal change. This can only be done by creating a cycling culture and spreading positive stories to enable massive behavior change.

How would you describe your mission?

My involvement in Mulhouse also consists in convincing associations and political decision-makers to create more cycle paths because there are very few kilometers currently planned. Another project is to encourage more people to practice cycling to get around town, go to school, to work, to do shopping …

Another project is to ensure that there is a cycle infrastructure in the form of a network in order to be able to cross the city by bicycle more easily and faster than by car.

Another task is to teach children and adults who do not know how to ride a bicycle to travel by bicycle in safety.

All these projects need volunteers, but also municipal employees. We will have to explain to them the issues, the benefits, convince them that it is possible to change the city so that cycling finds an important place there. All this takes time and energy because the city barely has a 3% bicycle modal share, which even in France is low.