Tiffany Mannion

How would you describe your mission?

The community has worked hard to identify three areas of focus: education, connection and creation.  I will set up cycling education classes, teaching our community to drive and ride confidently. I am committed to connecting the resources in our region that supports a shared future of confident riders and supported infrastructure. I will connect local colleges, university and businesses with the benefits of bicycle friendly programming. I aim to connect our region of riders by launching initiatives such as Bike Kitchens, Bike Shares, and Community Rides. I will create an online hub that connects our community of riders with opportunities to know your neighbor and shares many voices from the saddles of cycling in our region.

What are the obstacles and challenges your city is facing?

We are met with a challenge of sustainability. With such a new and innovative program, we will be working hard to demonstrate the overall success of the program and its impact with carefully built metrics. I am confident these two worlds with collide with success in the coming year. We will also be focused on getting people excited about learning to ride and drive strong.

What are your next steps now that you are the Bicycle Mayor?

Over the winter, I will be connecting with the largest local college and many local businesses to share the benefits of bicycle-friendly programming and setting up educational training for cyclists in 2018. As the weather turns cold and snow starts to fly, I will also be focused on building an online presence that connects our community of riders.

I am hopeful to be able to support other cities, in America and elsewhere, as they develop the opportunity to bring this global initiative home. I am confident we will be able to pool together ideas and network solutions aimed at getting more people on bikes more often.