Viswanathan Iyer

My name is Viswanathan Iyer. I am a brain and spine surgeon by profession. I have been cycling since 2011 and I use my cycle to reach my clinic and hospitals often. I believe in friendship more than anything and feel that a collective spirit can move mountains. I like to do bike tours because I stop anywhere, soak in the sights and talk to people. I can speak multiple languages and that helps me connect with many. I dream of the day when maximum Indians will cycle to work!

What are your plans as Bicycle Mayor?

The young kids are the future of the country and can take the mission on “commute cycling” forward. My focus will be on the youth who are trend-setters, with a strong sense of fitness and the environment. They are also the future leaders. I want to start a “reclaim my footpath” campaign for pedestrians and as a by-product, the left of the road will be available to commute cyclists.