Angela Paola Aguilar Wilches

About me:

For me, cycling is not just a recreational activity, but a passion that has accompanied me for the past 9 years. I strongly believe in its ability to transform our lives and cities, making them more inclusive, livable and healthy. That is why I am passionate about the field of cycling because of the sense of independence as a woman in the actuality and liberation that this process gives me. In this way I decided to become a liaison to promote cycling as a sustainable and healthy form of transportation, from my experience, as well as to foster a more conscious, inclusive and environmentally friendly community.

Such a decision has led me to acquire an incomparable feeling of independence and freedom, being a woman I found the fusion of my interests such as traveling and riding my bike and being a cycling traveler.

My plans for the term:

To promote a correct, positive and motivational message about cycling, driving awareness and empowerment through collaboration and support for inclusive projects.

To be a better outreach liaison for the community, prioritizing the needs that currently affect all genders, social strata on issues of infrastructure, road safety, safe mobility spaces, skills development, among others.

My approach to professional and personal growth is based on continuous learning. As a collaborator and leader, I am fully dedicated to sharing my experience, knowledge and best practices.