Sandra Llopart Blas

I am a great fan of the bicycle and I use it on my rides around the city, to go to work every day and especially in my free time, where I make frequent bicycle trips to the mountains near my city. I consider myself a very involved bicycle activist, and I participate in many initiatives in my city to achieve a more pleasant city with less air pollution. I collaborate so that the bicycle takes on a relevant paper and becomes a key part of the change in the city model.

What are your plans as Bicycle Mayor?

After cycling the city for more than 6 years, there are many things I would like to do to improve the cycling experience in Barcelona. For those of us who have been cycling for years in the city, we feel we’ve got used to riding despite experiencing many hostile situations towards bicycles.

On one hand I would like to work on changing people’s behavior towards bicycles, and on the other, I am interested in helping people get started in urban cycling.

I want to give visibility to the use of bicycles by actively participating in projects that promote sustainable mobility, encouraging an increase in active mobility of children, teenagers and women, especially middle aged women.