Ilaria Fiorillo

Ciao! I’m Ilaria, bike influencer and activist.

I strongly believe that bicycles can change the world and I use my social media voice to connect with the bicycle communities all around, raise awareness of road safety issues and bring compassion and mutual respect in the streets.

My purposes are to make Milano more bike-friendly, to spread the message of how cycling can positively transform cities and improve people’s life.

For about 10 years now I have used a bicycle as my main transportation, two years ago I started to travel by bike and since I started exploring the world by bike I just can’t stop!

What are your plans as Bicycle Mayor?

The question is: how can we get more people to use bicycles?

Milano needs to adopt substantial measures to reduce car speed limits, following urban traffic plans already launched in other European capitals, we need to make the roads safer by increasing the number of bike lanes, and we definitely need a massive marketing campaign to spread bike consciousness and teach respect on the streets.

“Share the road” is my motto, let’s do this all together.