We are an Amsterdam-based global NGO guided by the belief that bicycles transform cities and cities transform the world. We envision an urban future in which half of city trips are by bicycle by the end of the decade. To help achieve this we nurture, strengthen, and scale community-led cycling initiatives globally, striving towards this bold vision that we call 50×30.



We dream of an urban future in which half of all city trips are by bicycle by the end of the decade. To help achieve this, we facilitate the development of a bicycle culture in cities across the world, guided by this bold mission that we call 50X30.

Our work is rooted in the belief that bicycles provide more than efficient and sustainable transportation. Whether it is to attain gender-fair cities, decrease urban inequality, improve community health, foster neighbourhood economies or ensure urban resilience, the bicycle is a powerful tool for societal transformation.


Whatever stage of cycling maturity your city, institution or business is at, we can support your progress. We create custom, targeted solutions through our Impact Services and offer BYCS Programs for you to adopt and implement.

These programs encompass behavioural change initiatives, research, workshops with school children, urban activations, awareness campaigns, and network coordination.

Our activities focus on four dimensions of cycling-driven change: youth engagement, commuter behaviour, cultural development, and transnational advocacy.

How we create change

– Our work is built on deep Insights of how to create a cycling future.
– These insights lead the conception and development of breakthrough Ideas.
– We collaborate with our partners to ensure these ideas achieve maximum Impact,
– We Invest our profits to support our social programs – like our Bicycle Mayor Program.
– By engaging people around the world to act or adopt this work, we gain new insights which feed the process again.

Read our Social Impact Report here

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NGO Status

BYCS is an ANBI registered Non Profit organisation (RSIN – 862625178)

For more information about working with or funding us please contact foundation@bycs.org