Juanita Arias Palacio

About me:

I am passionate about sharing my love for the bicycle, a transformative machine that goes beyond its physical function. My main focus is empowering women and challenging paradigms through cycling trips.

My dream is that all people, especially women, discover the strength within themselves, connect with their power, and live the life of their dreams. The incredible thing is that this transformation can happen via a simple bicycle.

Bicycle journeys, whether urban or rural, are not just a means of transportation but also a powerful tool for creating deeper connections. By traversing the territory on two wheels, we experience a unique bond with our surroundings. This connection not only provides a different perspective but also fosters a deeper love and care for the territory we explore.

In summary, my mission goes beyond promoting the bicycle as a mode of transportation; it is about inspiring a profound shift in women’s perception of their own power and fostering a more intimate connection with the world around us, all thanks to the simple yet powerful bicycle.