Ana Isabel Idrovo

Hi, I’m Ana Isabel Idrovo, from Cuenca, Ecuador. I am passionate about cycling, and excited to be able to transmit and teach everything I know. Proactive and determined to meet my goals and objectives, I’m a lover of my city and protector of its natural resources. I’m also an activist for the rights of women and children.

How would you describe your mission?

My mission is to generate a positive change in our culture and environment through cycling.

What are the obstacles and challenges you are facing in your city?

The corruption in public institutions, the machismo that has existed for years in my city and the challenge of empowering boys and girls so that machismo disappears in this society, as well as creating environmental awareness.

What are the next steps now that you are the bicycle mayor?

Finding funding for the active mobility project for children in Cuenca schools. We have already trained 700 children and our goal is to train in 20 more schools. That means 3,000 more children.

What lesson can your city teach others?

That when women come together and empower themselves they can do incredible things for our cities.