Our Work

We work to strengthen the human infrastructure of cycling cities by supporting community initiatives, promoting a culture of active mobility and inspiring new citizens to take up the bicycle for daily trips.

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Our research initiatives enable us to advance new knowledge on inclusive and holistic approaches to cycling promotion, communicate the many benefits of cycling to our global audience, as well as articulate our theory of change and refine our impact activities. We strive to move beyond the current cycling paradigm of “build it and they will come”, convey research in a straightforward manner, and showcase successes and learnings from diverse geographies.


Through our Bicycle Mayor Network, regional hubs, and ecosystems of like-minded organisations, we share and acquire knowledge, adapt processes to local contexts as well as amplify ideas and good practises to accelerate cycling globally. Global Networks enable us to engage, learn from, and collaborate with different sectors of society to make our cities more human-centric, regardless of their scale or geographic location.


Through our engagement initiatives, we target specific issues and communities with the aim of supporting equitable cycling adoption and strengthening the human infrastructure of cycling in a variety of urban areas. We design, pilot and implement these programmes with government or business partners and alongside local community leaders and groups, and gain learnings for our research and technical assistance assignments.


Our research, networks, and programs enable us to gain learnings for governments and organisations around the world that are seeking to promote cycling in their local urban environments. We apply this knowledge through coordination or participation in a variety of international consortiums to advise on behaviour change, strategic communications, or community engagement.


Cycling is much more than transportation. It is transformation. And increased cycling is having a profound impact on people and places.

Explore the impact of our work and our ambitious goals for the future in our 2022 Annual Report: