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The time of the bicycle has arrived, are cities prepared? BYCS offers a rapid transformation process to those cities that are ready to make the shift. Called MakeWay 30 Day, BYCS, along with partners have developed a proven process that accelerates the shift from car-centric to human centric cities, triggering equitable economic, social, and health benefits while contributing to flattening the curve on climate change. Interested? Get in touch

Highlighted Programs

BYCS to Work

BYCS to Work is a fun and effective bicycle stimulation program aimed at increasing cycling uptake within your company. Discover what the bicycle can do for your company.



Cycling is more than transportation, it is transformation. We pursue this change in a number of BYCS Labs around the world to innovate, test and scale cycling innovations.


Bicycle Mayors

Bicycle Mayors are active on every continent. They identify and lead projects locally, that increase cycling to uncover massive economic, health, and environmental benefits.



Cycling is much more than transportation. It is transformation. And increased cycling is having a profound impact on people and places.

Explore the impact of our work and our ambitious goals for the future in the BYCS Social Impact Report below


Impact Goals

All our work is therefore focused on delivering against our 5 Impact Goals.

These are:


Mobility – Affordable, accessible and clean transport solutions across the city

Health – Active citizens with improved health and wellbeing, with cleaner air to breathe

Environment – Reducing a city’s carbon footprint and inspiring more responsible lifestyles

Community – Inclusive and safe places with more engaged citizens at their heart

Economy – Stimulating new forms of sustainable economic development and opportunity

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