Mariliis Mia Topp

As an entrepreneur and communications professional with a wealth of experience working with leading brands across multiple industries, I have developed a unique understanding of how different sectors operate and navigate towards more efficient and sustainable operations. At the heart of my work is a commitment and passionate refocus on togetherness and quality of life through sustainable living and healthy choices. This led me to urban cycling and I love it.

What are your plans as Bicycle Mayor?

The biggest issue in Tallinn is the lack of City Government interest to reduce car use and build safe well connected cycling infrastructure and significantly improve urban environment to incentivise using other means of transportation. Regardless of the countless expert advice, strategies and studies across Europe, the city refuses to take real action.

My goal as the Bicycle Mayor is to help build pressure from both the public and business environment:

  • promote and increase awareness of the economic benefits for cycling —for businesses, individuals, city, and society
  • advocate for better bike infrastructure emphasising on safety, and engaging with local businesses and communities, helping to create a more bike-friendly environment that encourages people to adopt cycling as a way of life
  • encourage people to step forward personally or anonymously to voice their opinions, share photos and experiences
  • shift the focus away from car ownership as a status symbol and promote urban cycling as a fast, comfortable, conscious and awesome way to move