Arun Malik

My name is Arun Malik, Social Activist, whose work usually focuses on humanitarian issues and actively promotes a healthy lifestyle. I am the founder of Apna Junction, a resident of Sonipat in Haryana State, and the father of two children.
The founding of Apna Junction is a long story, starting with a fondness for cycling in my childhood. At that time there were few bicycles for children in India, and just one in my household. It was my father’s and was named ‘Maharani’, and I have continued to ride that bicycle with love for 19 years. After travelling about 88,000km on it, it is (and I am) entered in the ‘India Book of Records’ and ‘International Book of World Records’. My community even maned me CYCLE MAN. Now there are three cycles in our house, used by father, son and wife.
I used to do social work along with cycling, including donating blood 23 times so far, and planting many tree saplings for environmental protection. These projects are part of Apna Junction, including ‘Cycle Chalo Pollution Bhagao Abhiyan’, ‘Mera Tree Meri Pehchan Abhiyan’, and ‘Bal Vikas Abhiyan’.

What are your plans as Bicycle Mayor?

I will try to bring change with these two aspects which are not there in my city yet, but will definitely come in the coming years.
Challenge 1 – The car as a means of transport is a symbol of social status. We need to change that mindset.
Challenge 2 – Businesses and employers don’t encourage their customers or employees to travel by bicycle.
Intension 1: Awareness and Promotion of Cycling – Behavioural Change Campaigns.
Intension 2: Infrastructure and Policy impact

Through contact with government and various other ministries and governmental/non-governmental organisations, I will support cyclists and make a safe and proper infrastructure for cycling. I want to start by transforming the urban environment around schools and colleges to become low traffic neighbourhoods, including installing bike stands for every student.


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