Ashish Sood

Born and brought up in the Indian Himalaya – I have a deep love for nature and its elements. I have cycled extensively across the Indian Himalaya , the coasts of Sri Lanka and across the Alps. I love riding bikes and aim to put as many people on two wheels as possible. I am the race communication officer at Asia’s biggest MTB Stage Race – MTB Himalaya. I also work as the head of product development for electric bikes and premium bikes at Hero Cycles. I shuffle a few hats between being a mountain biker, a bicycle team manager, a race organiser, and a product manager.

What are your plans as Bicycle Mayor?

My primary objective as the Bicycle Mayor of Gurugram is to lead advocacy around equitable and inclusive cycling infrastructure. I want to bring attention to the “Invisible Cyclist” that is everywhere in the city but unfortunately no one wants to see them. My focus is to create a sustainable advocacy group that highlights the issues that everyday cyclists and pedestrians face. Thereby I want to create awareness among the civic authorities, town planners, corporations, and all other stakeholders in Gurugram. This will be done through events, reports, letters, and if needed, even protests!