Evanthia Kotsi

About me:

I could describe myself as a happy city-bike commuter, est. 2018. Grown up in the city of Ilion, where I still reside, I’m familiar with the city structure and the current situation of mobility. As a Transportation Engineer, I’ve actively participated in the development of several Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) as a core team member – SUMP for the City of Ilion included, in the conduction of Traffic and Parking Studies, as well as in the development of other urban regeneration projects. Being a child-friendly urban design advocate, I aspire to use this quality of my mentality to serve as a framework for the cycling design of the city of Ilion.

My plans for the term:

During my term as a Bicycle Mayor, I aim at the implementation of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) of the City of Ilion, accelerating the achievement of the strategic goals relevant to cycling, while meeting – to the extent possible – the KPIs that have been set. To be more specific, I’ll work towards upgrading the existing cycling infrastructure and expanding the city’s cycling network. My plans also focus on awareness-raising campaigns on the use of the bicycle and the benefits of using it as an alternative means of transportation for getting from A to B in a quick, easy and pleasant way.