Muhamed Musadhiq

I am Muhamed Musadhiq, a B tech mechanical graduate. I have just completed my degree and am currently preparing for higher studies in parallel with cycling promoting activities.
I started cycling in my childhood but I have been promoting cycling in my city for the last 3 years.
Along with cycling promotion, I am also doing some technical projects, palliative care activities and some social projects in association with the government. I made a creative product in cycling named brain cycle, unlike normal cycles it will turn right if we turn it left and vice versa and I have done a world record in the same, pedalling 504 km. This is a brain exercising tool too. Last but not least, as part of cycling promotion, I have started cycling clubs at college level and also done many awareness rides throughout my state. Also I formed a cycling network by linking all cycling clubs in my state.

How would you describe your mission?

My first mission is to promote cycling in children by forming cycling communities through schools and then spread it up to college level which I have already done in some colleges. I will promote the cycling to work concept in my city Malappuram. I will bring some cycling challenges like the fitness challenge or green challenge in youth because the youth tend to follow trends. Promoting cycling through Local, National, International NGOs like LIONS CLUBS, ROTARY CLUBS, RESIDENTS ASSOCIATIONS etc. in Malappuram city. I will bring the importance of cycling to the attention of government and government authorities. I will try to get subsidy for costs and also to decrease the tax amount for cycle buyers. Promoting the benefits of green transportation and reducing traffic congestions in Malappuram city. With the support of the government of Kerala, I will try to implement road markings, cycle tracks and cycle freedom in Malappuram city.

What are the obstacles and challenges you’re facing in your city?

The public needs motivation about bicycle practice and benefits. Traffic congestion because of misusing larger vehicles for single use. Awareness is enough.. because of not having awareness about the importance of cycling many aren’t doing it. I can make them aware and encourage them to cycle. We have to consider that not in all but in some places, the terrain is challenging and not ideal for cycling.

What are your next steps now that you are the Bicycle Mayor?

✓ Promoting cycling in common peoples.
✓ Conducting cycle rallies on UN special days to raise awareness.
✓ Personality development training. As part of cycling promotion, creating health awareness through cycle in schools and colleges in Malappuram.

What can other cities learn from your city?

Malappuram is a clean environmental friendly city. Traffic violation and vehicle traffic is less compared to other cities. Green transportation is very much applicable here. Malappuram city is also a fast-growing city in education and business too.