Derek Heritage

I am 65 years old and have cycled all my life. I cycle as a commuter, a social rider and a cycling tourist. I regularly lead rides with a local Bicycle Club. I am also a Bikeability Instructor. These experiences of meeting cyclists that are often young or very nervous has built up my determination to make cycling safer and more attractive in Bournemouth. I live in one of the most congested towns in the UK. It is imperative that we get more people out of their cars for short distances. Being Bournemouth’s first cycling mayor will give me the platform to achieve this aim.

What are your plans as Bicycle Mayor?

During my time as cycling mayor I intend to raise the profile of the local campaign group BH Active Travel. Make the local council and Active travel England aware of the desperate need to invest in our region. My plans include setting up regular kidical mass rides. Gaining publicity for our local bike bus and setting up other bike bus routes. Also, I intend to approach our local premier league football team about getting more fans to arrive at the stadium by bike, this will involve a cycle security arrangement. I also will investigate opportunities to have a safe cycle parking hub in Bournemouth.