Our Approach

BYCS’ approach is unique in cycling advocacy.

Civil society plays an essential role in bringing about urban change, and we support & connect local grassroots initiatives around the world, while lobbying for more cycling in the transport conversation at the global level.

For us, the bicycle is a means, rather than an end in itself, to achieve a better quality of life for all in cities, thanks to its positive effects on health, the environment, economic development, community wellbeing, and mobility.


The future vision we strive towards is 50×30 – 50% of all urban trips by bicycle by 2030. More than a strategic pathway, it is a bold statement to challenge current ambitions and mindsets regarding transportation decarbonisation.

Drastically shifting away from driving to cycling for daily urban mobility is essential in order to shape more human-centric cities and a higher quality of life for all.

It is because of this that we often say that cycling is so much more than transportation, it is transformation.


Our mission is to nurture, strengthen and scale community-led cycling initiatives globally, through a focus on what we call “Human Infrastructure”.

Strengthening the human infrastructure of cycling means developing initiatives that reinforce cycling cultures and the ability for all individuals to access and perceive cycling as a viable, safe, empowering and joyful mode of transportation. This approach catalyses the impact of built infrastructure, while securing equitable uptake of cycling.

These efforts reach a global scale through our growing network of partner organisations and networks.


Increased cycling awareness, knowledge, access, skills and positive attitudes of the public leads to higher demand for cycling investment. Programmes and initiatives to support cycling uptake also enable more people, particularly those with higher social, economic and cultural barriers to cycling, to be empowered by this reliable, efficient, sustainable and healthy mode of transportation.



Through interviews, case studies, data analysis, and literature reviews, we advance our knowledge, refine our activities, strengthen our theory of change, and establish our organisation as a thought leader.

Engagement Programmes

Informed by research and our global networks, and in partnership with local community groups, government, and industry, we design and pilot solutions that focus on specific issues and communities.

Network Coordination

Our work in connecting global changemakers creates opportunities to scale, delivers key insights, and amplifies impactful efforts.


Technical Assistance

Utilising our experience, insights, and programmes we develop strategies and solutions to unlock mobility needs of cities or regions.


Every year we report on our achievements, impact & learnings of the last 12 months, and outline our ambitions for the future. Learn more about out us through our 2023 annual report.




Our partners are crucial to our mission, helping us scale our programmes, and sharing knowledge and resources to develop our research and network capacitation.

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