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We need to ensure our cities are more liveable and fit for the future. We believe every city can benefit from having a catalyst representing cycling progress and the interests of the community. We call these Bicycle Mayors.

Bicycle Mayors can accelerate the changes we need to see by uniting all citizens to take action. They bring creative diversity with new insights and approaches, from both inside and beyond the world of bicycle planning professionals or the political establishment. They are the human face and voice of cycling in a city. By connecting these changemakers across a global network – creating greater visibility, rapidly sharing ideas, challenges and solutions, – we can create a truly radical shift.

Network Map

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What does the network do?

Keeps the issues front-and-center and moving forward through global and regional calls-to-action

Promotes the bicycle as a solution to some of the most complex urban challenges

The team behind UFGC19 celebrate an inspiring few days in Oslo. Photo: Geir Anders Rybakken Ørslien’.

Aligns the network (and its cause) to other movements and organizations that are also working to create more liveable cities

What does a Bicycle Mayor do?

Sindile Mavundla, Bicycle Mayor of Cape Town, leads the Active Mobility Forum coalition, comprised of enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about Cape Town a more liveable city for all demographics and vulnerable populations.

The Bicycle Mayor of Bath, Saskia Heijltjes, organised a Kiddical Mass event with over 100 participants, that aimed to inspire its participants, while simultaneously advocating for road safety for children.

Hyderabad’s Bicycle Mayor, Santhana Selvan, organised the first ever BicycleBus in India for children ride to school as a group, creating a safe environment and shared joyful experience of active mobility.

See more of the action and impact that Bicycle Mayors and the Bicycle Mayor Network have here:


How does the network support Bicycle Mayors?

Promote the work of Bicycle Mayors through a monthly organisation newsletter, social media, and events

Facilitate Collaboration through online platforms, network-wide calls, a network newsletter, and working Groups

Provide Resources through a resource hub, workshops and trainings, and access to events

Offer Direct Support through regular one-on-one check-ins and making our staff available for questions

Network History

2016 – Elected first Bicycle Mayor in Amsterdam, Anne Luten

2018 – Elected first Junior Bicycle Mayor, Lotta Crok

2020Reached 100 Bicycle Mayors

2021 – BYCS India Foundation established

Youth Bicycle Mayor

The Youth Bicycle Mayor’s role is to offer a teenager’s perspective and imagination to the realm of cycling activation, with the goal of making cities fit for all ages. They work alongside the senior Bicycle Mayor of their city to create tangible impact. Currently, there are 5 Youth Bicycle Mayors, who represent cities in the Netherlands, India, and Ireland.

The idea for the Youth Bicycle Mayor originated as part of the election campaign of Amsterdam’s Bicycle Mayor, Katelijne Boerma, who focused on making cycling safe for all children. She helped find students in local schools to lead cycling progress. These students were involved in design competitions and co-creation workshops to develop new solutions for cycling access, leading to the selection of one student as the Youth Bicycle Mayor


Network Cities


“They role model good behaviour, identify solutions to local needs and bring together cycling organisations, residents, businesses and governments to make change happen.”


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