Shgufta Anwar


  • My mission is to empower and enable women to overcome their barriers to take up cycling – for transport, to improve their physical and mental health, and most importantly, for the pure joy of it!
  • My vision is to create an all-inclusive community where women cycling is the norm, not the exception.
  • I want to get the women of Glasgow and their families cycling in the short term, no mean feat with all the barriers!
  • Experience
    My passion for cycling started when I ran a climate change project for a Muslim women’s charity 10 years ago. I developed a cycling hub, working with hundreds of women and children in getting them cycling which then developed into a regular cycling group, the Hijabi Riders. I have seen first-hand the need for more specific support for women, particularly those from backgrounds and cultures where cycling is not the norm for women.

    I then spent another few years at Glasgow’s biggest cycling charity where my most enjoyable time was engaging women (particularly women of colour) to take up cycling. I know the world of everyday cycling is dominated by a white male demographic. It is much less common for women to cycle for transport and leisure, especially women of colour. I have recently set up Women on Wheels, a community cycling Hub for women, run by women.