Kinjal Patel

Dr Kinjal currently works as a professional Homeopathic Doctor in Ahmedabad, and as such the health benefits of cycling are of utmost importance to her. In aiming to promote a healthier living style within her community, Dr Kinjal also regularly participates in triathlons and has achieved multiple podium finishes at the national level. As a result, much of her activism includes promoting the benefits of daily cycling, aiming to get people to spend 45 minutes a day engaging in active mobility.

Beyond her sporting achievements and activism, she has also written literature on topics ranging from how to make cyclists less invisible, to the unique problems facing Ahmedabad, as well as how to improve the relationship between cyclists and motorists. Within these issues she has highlighted the youth as a core target group, stating that introducing them to cycling early on will alleviate the environmental damage caused by future generations, as well as promoting the aforementioned healthier lifestyle. With her convincing nature and sporty expertise, she hopes to inspire the masses to take up activities they had previously never considered.