Martin Laschewski

I have been working for years for better cycling infrastructure in Munich. Now more than ever, we need a safe, comfortable, continuous urban cycling network. The bicycle is one of the most important levers for moving cities to sustainable transportation. The lanes currently occupied by cars would better serve trees and greenery, making livable public spaces. As a mobile bike mechanic and activist, I am out on the streets fighting on all fronts to improve cycling in Munich.

What are your plans as Bicycle Mayor?

In my term, I want to spread my love for cycling to all citizens. My plan is to help people to use bicycles for daily tasks, convince the city council to be more bike-minded, and help to improve the cycling network. As an effective climate-fighting machine, the bicycle will be my toolset to transform Munich to a greener, sustainable, more livable city. I want to show that there is no use for a van anymore in the city: the cargo bike is the better alternative for last-mile delivery. Car is over: it’s time to reclaim the streets.