Belinda Everett

My lived experience and knowledge brings a different perspective to cycling. Being from a culturally diverse background, I can relate to some of the barriers that may hinder or exclude communities, not just locally but around the world. Also, I am a bike mechanic, within the industry, and see the much needed changes and progress, to encourage more women and young girls to a sector that at present, is very unequal.

What are your plans as Bicycle Mayor?

While I always encourage everyone, all ages and backgrounds to get on their bike and cycle, my work will particularly focus on women, as well as young people, as we still make a very small percentage in using the roads on a regular basis. I would work in areas of Greater Manchester with communities not currently served by the cycling community, to create new hubs and expand resources into their area. And to bring further awareness and support, in what is needed, to encourage more women and young people in using the cycle network.