Fernando Garcia

Hola! I’m a well-experienced as a social organizer, current member of the Board of Directors at Pedalibre (Madrid largest cyclist association), an active member of mobility and sustainable urbanism social organizations:, Madrid Central Defense Platform, Cycle Lane for Castellana Av. Platform, A Pie pedestrians association. I experience working with major companies, industry clusters, and government bodies internationally, with a focus on public affairs, strategic communications, PR, and crisis management. I’ve also lived abroad for 15 years in the U.S., U.K., Peru, Mexico, Portugal, and Brazil.


What are your plans as Bicycle Mayor?

My focus is going to be on educating the city government and its stakeholders, from opposition parties to school children parents associations and neighborhood associations and everything in between, on the reasons why it´s an absolute necessity to build a protected bike lanes network so as to make cycling possible for all with an 8-80 and a vision zero approach. Collaborating with, facilitating, and organizing a myriad of activities, from lectures to cycling activities in the city, so that as many people as possible learn about how beneficial cycling can be.

For this, my team and I can play a very effective role facilitating contact and boosting joint initiatives between the cycling activists ecosystem and all other civil society associations and businesses, like Cycling to school programs, Cycling to work programs, Family cycling activities, LGBTQI+ cycling activities, immigrant cycling activities, other worthy causes and cycling demonstrations ( Halloween, Yoga Day, Women´s day, etc.). We will also galvanize cyclists through social media, with a regular stream of content on the topics covered by each member of the Bicycle Mayor team.