Patrícia Valverde

Hello. My name is Patricia and I am the co-founder of a cultural center that supports urban cycling services and I also help coordinate Cicloigauçu – a local cycling organization. On top of this I also host a radio show with news, interviews, and updates about cyclomobility. Currently I am participating in a project that aims to deliver sustainable urban logistic solutions to mainstream apps.

What are your plans as Bicycle Mayor?

My main goal is to establish a thematic group in city hall that discusses urban mobility issues with the hopes that this will lead to permanent legislation on cycling infrastructure. I firmly believe that having cyclists’ rights guaranteed by law is a key step in making Curitiba a great cycling city. I also want to help change the existing narrative around road safety, which often downplays the gravity of road accidents on cyclists.

How can someone learn more about your work and follow along with your progress?


Bicicletaria Cultural