Gabriela Cob


Since I started university I became passionate about feminism as I felt that it was the answer to what women needed to mobilize our rights to live in a fairer and more balanced world. Later, I fell in love with the bicycle when I got back on it after many years of not using it. This was because I was given a job to generate a social, informative and participatory process to build a bicycle lane in the urban centre of Cartago, a city about 25 km from San José, the capital of Costa Rica. When I managed to combine feminism and cycling, teaching women to cycle as part of a process of empowerment and autonomy, the love was total.

Future Plans

I hope to work towards eliminating the gender gap in cycling, because women can look to the bike to build our autonomy in mobility, to change the way we relate to each other on the street in urban centres, to have fun, and to simply transport ourselves. The bike is a wonderful way to transform our relationship with public spaces. More and more of us use the bike, in this way we will be raising awareness and educating to transform our mobility for a more peaceful and inclusive one.