Patty Wiens

About me:

I am a Brazilian woman living in Winnipeg, who went through a transformative journey from a fair-weather cyclist to a dedicated winter commuter and advocate for cycling. Initially hesitant to bike in winter, my perspective shifted as I discovered the joy and freedom of riding year-round. With the support of my partner and the local cycling community, I overcame challenges, including cold weather and snowy conditions, by embracing e-bikes and documenting my experiences on YouTube. My passion for cycling led me to engage in advocacy work and I joined the Board of Directors of Bike Winnipeg, where I’m the secretary and newsletter editor.

About me:

Through my work with Bike Winnipeg, I advocate for a more connected bike network and better snow maintenance of our bike lanes and protected trails. I plan to continue this work as Newsletter Editor and Board Secretary.

As Bicycle Mayor of Winnipeg, I want to elevate, education and change attitudes towards Bicycle Commuters in this car-centric city.