Vishav Dhiman

Hi, I am Vishav Dhiman, an amateur cyclist since 2016. I started cycling to get rid of my knee problems and other health issues, as all the problems are not physical sometimes your own mind blocks become big problems. I am now leading a healthy lifestyle by cycling and encouraging others to come forward to opt for cycling as a tool of fitness, fun, freedom, and most importantly as a mean of transportation to connect with our own self, as well as a step towards to save environment.

What are your plans as Bicycle Mayor?

As per my future plans I hope to inspire and motivate others to opt for cycling as a means of transportation to commute to their respective workplaces and to explore the outdoors; I wish to set up cycling stations so that more people from my community get use to cycling more often. And finally, as Dehradun has a wonderful cycling terrain, I would love to promote my city’s tourism through cycling as it’s a very eco- friendly experience.