Victor Hugo Villarreal Molina

About me:

I have been a cyclist since I was a child and an activist since college. I know my city because I ride my bike and I have an academic background related to the city and the urban. I have a master’s degree in urban design through which I deepened the inherent to the urban voids of my city. I worked more than 14 years in the municipality of my city, developing and executing projects of public space, transportation, and urban mobility. I am firmly convinced that it is possible to improve the use of bicycles in the city of La Paz, Bolivia, working from different fronts, coordinating with the responsible institutions and empathizing with the actors of mobility.

My goals as a Bicycle Mayor are participating in the management and implementation of the bicycle lane in the southern part of the city; demanding the planning of a master plan for bicycle lanes in the city, and continuing with activism in the critical mass and achieve institutional support from the relevant authorities.