Jaiflor Vanesa Aragón Rivera

Buenas hermanos y hermanas, my name is Jaiflor Aragón Rivera, from Cusco – Peru. I love cycling and cinema. I am currently learning Quechua, in order to reach more communities in my region. I work as an Audiovisual Producer and Cultural Manager. I am also an activist for recycling and the democratisation of access to filmmaking.

What are your plans as Bicycle Mayor?

One positive thing that the pandemic left behind was the implementation of bicycle lanes in the city, and it certainly added a lot of users. At the moment that number has been reduced, and among the plans that are being contemplated is not to go back on the advances that were achieved and to work hand in hand with university students from Cusco’s first university to fill the streets with health, energy, clean air and effective changes. ¡Aylli Bicicletapi! (Long Live the Bicycle).