Mar Mikhelidze

I’m Mar Mikhelidze, psychologist, social tango dancer, bike traveler & bike commuter from Tbilisi, co – founder of Caucasus Cycling Network. As far as Tbilisi is car dependent city currently it’s not really pleasant to walk or cycle, I think our work is very important.  I have strong desire to work hard with my team to became Tbilisi more bicycle friendly step by step.

What are your plans as Bicycle Mayor?

I’m willing to show what benefits cycling has for the society, air quality, mental and physical health. My team’s goal is to help to the people who wants to start bike commuting – with information on how to behave in difficult situations; with city rides for beginners; with safety campaigns; with collaborations with Tbilisi City Hall to plan more bike lanes & safe crossings. I believe, with the support of the global Bicycle Mayor Network we’ll be more effective and successful.