Arcy Canumay

I am a sustainable mobility consultant working with communities and organizations to co-create active mobility solutions. My family and I live in Waterloo, Ontario – one of the top technology centres in Canada. We migrated to Canada from the Philippines in 2004. Cycling has positively changed my life, from making me feel healthier to enjoying my commute around Waterloo and meeting new people. I would like to share this experience with many people in my city and around the world.

How would you describe your mission?

My mission is to collaborate with people and organizations in Waterloo to create an environment that will encourage more people to ride their bike. From young kids, teens, adults and seniors, it will be great to see more people riding their bike for daily commute around our city thus making Waterloo one of the leading cycling cities in Canada.

What are the obstacles and challenges you’re facing in your city?

Like most cities in Ontario, Waterloo has been designed to be car-centric. But during the last few years there has been an active discussion and actions from different organizations to design and upgrade streets to enable people to safely move around. People who are walking, cycling, riding transit, carpooling and driving. There is still a lot of work to be done and our community is working together to make transportation solutions people-centric and not car-centric.

What are your next steps now that you are the Bicycle Mayor?

The next step is to meet with key stakeholders in our community and discuss plans and actions to make Waterloo one of the leading cycling cities in Canada. We will also identify areas to collaborate and prioritize.

“Let’s work together to create an environment that will enable more people to bike in cities around the world.”

What can other cities learn from your city?

Waterloo has been successful when the community collaborates and openly works on solutions to challenging problems. We would like to share our collaborative approach to create an awesome cycling environment. We would also like to learn from the success of other cities and see if we can apply the solution to our city.