Natheer Halawani

N atheer is a recovering Engineer, Photographer and Activist, whose work usually focuses on humanitarian issues and actively promotes a healthy lifestyle

What is your mission?

My mission is primarily to contribute into turning Tripoli to the cycling haven it should be, by promoting active cycling, lobbying for bicycle lanes, and helping raise awareness about the benefits of the bicycle in both the new and the old generations.

What are the obstacles and challenges you’re facing?

The decision makers’ attitude towards the cause had been very futile, not taking the matter considerably whenever approached.
Another challenge is the car drivers mindset on the roads, and the attitude of some when interacting with a cyclist on the road.
And last but not least, one major challenge is the absence of any bicycle lanes in the city.

What is the next step?

The immediate next step is to hold a cycling conference, similar to what I did in the past, and gather all the city’s cyclists in one spot, and hopefully launch the city’s first Critical Mass initiative, in order to claim back the streets and join the force. A more detailed work plan will be laid out after the conference.

What can other cities learn from your program?

Things have never been worse to cyclists than in Tripoli, and if it can happen in Tripoli it really can happen anywhere in the world. We suffer from corruption, bad politicians and decision makers, backwards mentalities, post-war traumatized citizens, mass rates of poverty and unemployment, and so on.

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