Mohammed Jadliwala

Hi, I am Mohammed Jadliwala. To best describe myself, I am an active learner which makes me constantly look for new things to adapt to. I strongly believe that even the greatest of changes can be brought if each one of us contributes the smallest to it. I am fond of nature and I have inculcated a lifestyle that best supports preservation and conservation of nature. Apart from that, I am a community’s man, I try to put forward strong opinions and connect to all sections of society. My theory of life is that constant action along with love and support, can bring about even the greatest of changes and that the whole world is a family. By constantly working on what I believe, I have seen positive response in various areas.

What are your plans as Bicycle Mayor?

As a Bicycle Mayor, I intent to create a strong team which truly understands the essence of the work. We intend to work on two wide areas i.e., preserve nature and promote health. Our efforts will focus on bringing a shift in the lifestyle. As a part of Ankleshwar Bicycle Club, various cyclothon’s have been organised by us and each of them focused on a theme essential to nature. Along with my team, I intent to organise more cyclothons as well as weekly cycling programs within and outside the city. Our aim will be to visibly increase the number of members who join for regular cycling programs as well use cycle as a means of commute even in their daily chores.