Tomas Peciar

Tomas Peciar is a long-time activist and advocate for everyday bicycle transport. He began organizing bike rides in 2010, and since then, he has led hundreds of bike rides with thousands of participants across the Slovak Republic. Later, he co-founded Cyklokoalicia. As a campaigner, he has been involved in European Mobility Week, clean-air campaigns, artistic bike racks, community bike-sharing white bikes, and numerous other projects. Additionally, as a DIY enthusiast, he founded the Bike Kitchen in Bratislava, the area’s largest and most active community bike workshop.

Regarding his aspirations, his primary goal is to establish a connected and safe cycling infrastructure in Bratislava. In the next few years, he plans to focus on promoting cycling among children. This is why he initiated the Kidical Mass bike ride in 2023 and intends to develop a comprehensive platform and community centered around this topic. Furthermore, he aims to continue his fusion project involving bicycles, which involves integrating bicycles into various aspects of our lives and promoting their use.