Daniela Abril Gutierrez

Born and raised in the warm northern Mexico, Daniela is a woman of restless mind and passionate about urban landscapes and sustainable urban life. She has a BA in Architecture, and a Master’s in Urban Management and Development by Erasmus University Rotterdam. 

Her expertise spans various domains including mobility, feminist urbanism, governance & policy, and social innovations such as community-led placemaking. Since 2022 she has been collaborating with BYCS in different capacities, and presently serving as Research and Development Manager. Through concept development and implementing action-research, her role concentrates on tackling the gender gap in cycling and overcoming barriers to cycling adoption for women and other vulnerable communities. In addition, she spearheads our program implementation in Latin America, and overall strategies to increase partnerships and collaborations.

Her work at BYCS is grounded in principles of intersectionality, systems thinking, and just sustainable transitions. As a cyclist and advocate herself, Daniela also believes that the bicycle is a powerful tool to deeply transform and strengthen our communities around the world.