Mona Khatib

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Mona recalls her early years mastering the art of cycling before even taking her first steps. Despite being practically raised on a bicycle, Mona’s transportation narrative took a turn when she relocated to Egypt at the age of eight. In a car-centric country where even public transport is limited, Mona gained firsthand insight into the challenges of transport poverty— an experience that reshaped her perspective on mobility.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Science from VU Amsterdam and a Master’s in Health Education and Promotion from Maastricht University, Mona brings a rich academic background to her role as Marketing Manager at BYCS. Her fascination with changing health behaviour and the science behind it was sparked during her studies and early career, driving her passion for urban sustainability and community wellbeing. 

Today, Mona is committed to using her knowledge to drive positive change in urban areas. As Marketing Manager at BYCS, she champions cycling as a solution for environmental sustainability, economic growth, and better public health. Through her innovative marketing strategies and compelling storytelling, Mona aims to inspire others to embrace cycling and shape the future of urban mobility.