Simon Alvarez Belon

Simon has been an avid cyclist for as long as he can remember, going on bicycle tours around the Netherlands from a young age. In pursuing this passion, he began his professional career with bicycles as a professional mechanic. However, upon moving to Utrecht and discovering the transformational effect of bicycles on human lives, his life-long passion evolved into a commitment to using bicycles to make communities more equitable, sustainable, and happier.

As a student of Anthropology, Simon is particularly interested in exploring how matters of identity are connected with mobility. Currently, he is writing his Bachelor’s thesis on how minorities in the Netherlands challenge mainstream narratives and reconstruct their identities through the use of bicycles. Additionally, his concern with the climate crises has led him to take courses in sustainability on how to implement systems thinking and narratives to leverage change.

At BYCS, Simon helps coordinate the network of global changemakers, produces engaging digital content, and ensures that processes and systems are up to speed. He is most excited at the prospect of helping set up the new local hub in Latin America.