Lee Feldman

Lee is constantly challenging himself and others to innovate and find new horizons for ideas that give humanity the best chance to collectively thrive on our home planet. Pushing the boundaries of what is possible to not only save what’s left, but rejuvenate the earth and in turn ourselves. This is where the bicycle can take us.

As co-founder of a global digital agency, a global leadership school and a collective of bicycle futurists, Lee is constantly converging and diverging influences from the widest possible reference spaces and infusing teams and projects with radical, idealistic and novel guidance; knowing full well that we cannot wait a minute longer to make massive change.

In 2013, Lee led a delegation of European artists on a bike trip from Israel to Palestine. An idea that stimulated new art collaborations, demonstrating the power and potential of the humble bicycle to overcome seemingly impossible systemic roadblocks.

Likening our embrace of the bicycle to the moment when Astronaut Dave disconnects sinister AI HAL in 2001: A Space Odyssey, Lee demonstrates that in order for humanity to evolve, we must remove toxic tools that have imprisoned us and have made us serve an unenlightened purpose (cars, oil, gas, high tech, social media). Only then can we step into the truth of our calling. Loving each other as we love the earth.