Sonal Kulkarni

Ms Sonal Kulkarni is the Director of Strategic Partnerships, Marketing and External Communications at the BYCS India Foundation. She is also the co-founder of Urban Morph, a collaborative urban solutions incubator to nurture sustainable urban initiatives, working at the intersection of urban planning, technology and behavioural sciences. 

She has 6 years of working experience at the Directorate of Urban Land Transport, Government of Karnataka as the Senior Transport Planner & Anchor – Advocacy, Communications and Participatory Planning Vertical. Sonal’s primary focus at the Directorate was on improving accessibility, pedestrian and cycling environments in Bangalore and other cities across the state of Karnataka. At the Directorate of Urban Land Transport, she was involved in the promotion, planning and designing of infrastructure for non-motorized/active transport planning in the cities across Karnataka. She has been a part of conceptualizing and building momentum with the Cycle Day campaign in Bangalore since its inception in October 2013 as well as implementing Bengaluru’s Bicycle Sharing System as its lead planner, amongst other initiatives and projects. Prior to this, Sonal worked with the City of Los Angeles in its plan implementation and code studies department and in the Office of the Councilmember of District 14 in Los Angeles County.

In 2012, Sonal was awarded the Urban Vision’s Young Urban Leader and a fellowship in Metro, Portland, Oregon. Sonal is an architect, urban planner and policy entrepreneur by training. She holds a Master’s degree in Urban Policy Planning from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles and a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore.


About BYCS India
We are very pleased and proud to announce the creation of BYCS India. The foundation is being set up with the goal of aiding the work of nearly 50 Bicycle Mayors operating in India, each of whom have made great efforts to promote cycling as the preferred means of transport in their cities. Their actions are crucial to reaching BYCS’ mission of half of all city trips by bicycle by 2030.