Irene Hofmeijer

Irene Hofmeijer is on BYCS Board of Advisors, bringing forth her knowledge from her diverse working experience on climate change and sustainability in different environments.

Irene Hofmeijer is a dedicated environmentalist and sustainability advocate. Spending extended time in the Peruvian Amazon, working on climate change adaptation research with Indigenous communities and seeing rivers gorged with plastic pollution, motivated her to found Life Out Of Plastic (LOOP), a social enterprise that has been mobilising citizens to take action on plastic pollution in Peru since 2011.

She currently holds the position of Global Associate Director At South Pole, Irene is responsible for developing the circular economy practice. With over a decade of experience, Irene excels in creating triple bottom-line value. Her work often involves collaboration within interdisciplinary, multicultural teams, showcasing her versatility as a global citizen committed to sustainable progress. Irene holds a BSc in Environmental Sciences from McGill University and a Master’s in Environmental Management from Duke University.

Having worked across the world, in both small community-based organisations and larger international organizations, Irene hopes to bring both local and international development expertise. Since returning to Europe she hasn’t been involved in any community organizations thinks that this is a great opportunity to share her love of biking with the world and also contribute to local impact.