Iris Maertens

Iris Maertens is joining the BYCS Board of Advisors, contributing her skills as a graphic designer, illustrator, and communications expert, with a strong background from her work at Greenpeace International.

Iris Maertens is a graphic designer, illustrator, and digital artist. She works with various mediums, both traditional like paper and canvas, and digital media and social media. Iris gained valuable experience in communications while working with the environmental NGO Greenpeace International, where she discovered the power of storytelling for campaigns. She illustrated her first children’s book, “The Moon Candy Rebellion,” in collaboration with the international storytelling team, written by Brian Fitzgerald.

Currently residing in Ghent, Belgium, Iris Maertens derives immense satisfaction from making a livelihood out of her greatest passion. She firmly subscribes to the notion that creating a drawing each day serves as a source of well-being and keeps the doctor at bay.