Matrushri P. Shetty

Matrushri P. Shetty is the Director of Operations and Development at BYCS India Foundation. She works closely with the BYCS Global and India Board of Directors to develop innovative projects in India, through advocacy around active mobility, network linkages and amplification of work being done by the regional partners, Bicycle Mayors and citizens.
Matrushri is a Development Psychologist by qualification and has been working in social sector for more than 16 years. She is a trained Life Skills instructor. Her expertise is in development and implementation of impact-oriented community programs. She has proficiently played the roles of a spokesperson, a trainer and a mentor adapting to the demands of varied situations.
She is a determined optimist and believes in the power of collective action of citizens to push positive societal change for health and survival. Over the years, she has worked with different stakeholders on issues like Education, Skill Development, Gender, Life Skills, Sexual Health, HIV/AIDS, LGBTQ, Mental and Physical wellbeing. She has been a known health advocate and has been working in the intersection of air pollution, climate change and health for last 5 years.
She believes active mobility and sustainable living has been a way of life in India for centuries and is the simplest solution to the problem of air pollution and climate change especially in Urban India.

“It is time to re-claim our spaces for free movement, cleaner air, physical and mental well-being of our present and future generations.”