Action from the Bicycle Mayor Network

Barcelona, Spain
Through conducting a live survey with the general population in Barcelona, Sandra Llopart Blas was able to hear their opinions on what needs to be done to improve cycling in the city, and work on providing solutions.

Witten, Germany
Every christmas Andreas Mueller takes outgrown bicycles and redistributes them to underprivileged children. In 2022 50 bikes were repaired and donated to local schools.

New Delhi, India
Dalip Sabharwal’s school-based cycling programmes enable children to first learn to cycle in a familiar environment, before enabling them to cycle in their own neighbourhoods with confidence.

Tbilisi, Georgia
In discussion at the Parliament of Georgia, Mar Mikhelidze shared her expertise on cycling, with the aim of strengthening the modal share of cycling in Tbilisi through increasing the current number of cyclists by 20%.

Kyiv, Ukraine
Founder of CargoCult delivery service and Bicycle Mayor of Kyiv, Oleksii Khvorostenko transformed the organisation into a relief effort during the invasion, delivering hot lunches to defence and health services.

Bucharest, Romania
Bringing children into a cycling mindset at a young age can have huge benefits to them later in life. Alexandru Tomescu in Bucharest, Romania, inspires youngsters with sponsored cycling gifts at a local cycle shop.

Athens, Greece
Spiros Papageorgiou conducted an education programme providing 50 schools and over 5500 students with useful information related to cycling around their city.

Hyderabad, India
Santhana Selvan organised the first ever BicycleBus in India for children ride to school as a group, creating a safe environment and shared joyful experience of active mobility.

Nicosia, Cyprus
Following training in the BYCS & EIT Urban Mobility TandEm programme, Marina Kyriakou held cycling empowerment and storytelling workshops to increase the modal share of cycling among women in her community.

Toronto, Canada
Lanrick Bennett Jr. had the opportunity of speaking as a part of the campaign coalition prior to the Toronto municipal election, highlighting the importance of redesigning roads to accommodate cyclists.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Viviane Zampieri played a pivotal role in the development of the city’s cycling plan, which will guide the actions of City Hall for the implementation of a continuous mobility network that promotes safe cycling.

Quito, Ecuador
A Park(ing) Day event organised by Amanda Padilla shed light on the importance of involving children in local events and formulating solutions to urban mobility issues, through showing them how to incorporate cycling into their daily routines through cycling games.

Santiago, Chile
Cinthya Muñoz held an education campaign, conducting awareness training for drivers through lectures and hands-on experiences as a part of a Road Safety education campaign.

Utrecht, Netherlands
Jelle Bakker paid a visit to ‘Taalschool’ Utrecht, dedicated to teaching children who speak little to no Dutch, and worked with the students to inspire them to make cycling their favourite mode of transport.

Cape Town, South Africa
Led by Bicycle Mayor Sindile Mavundla, the Active Mobility Forum is a coalition of organisations and individuals who are passionate about making Cape Town a more livable city for all through design and human-centric city planning.

Mira Bhayandar, India
The Mira Bhayandar Cycling Association led by Amar Nadgeri, organised various group rides and activities to celebrate Cycling Week 2022, such as beach clean-ups and tree planting, while bonding over their experiences with the bicycle.

Nagpur, India
A toolkit about making businesses more cycle-friendly created by Amit Samarth was distributed in Nagpur to help make organisations, shops, offices, and schools more cycle friendly.

Aguascalientes, Mexico
Josafat Martínez de Luna encouraged the increase of safe cycling practices in his community by providing information on cyclists rights and obligations downloadable by QR code.

Madrid, Spain

Fernando García presented to the General Assembly of Madrid, advocating for the integration of support for cycling culture alongside infrastructure investment, catering for the urgency of providing better conditions for current cycle commuters and enabling further uptake.

Bath, United Kingdom

Saskia Heijltjes organised a Kiddical Mass that gathered more than 100 participants, which served to inspire & empower, and raise awareness surrounding the significance of road safety for children.

Mumbai, India

Firoza Suresh initiated one of India’s largest ever cycling rallies for World Environment Day and was able to unite 5,000 cyclists of all ages, genders, and backgrounds to push the narrative of cycling forward. 

Gurugram, India
The ‘Two Wheels Gurugram’ event organised by Sarika Panda Bhatt was a 5-day event including exhibitions, panels, and discussions that used cultural tools to promote urgent cycling demand.

Barcelona, Spain
The Rutas Seguras project by Sandra Llopart Blas compiles research to map four 10-15 km planned cycling routes that ensure that non-expert cyclists can feel safe and comfortable navigating around the city, segregated from motor vehicles.

Aguascalientes, Mexico

With his organisation ‘Bici Escuela’, Josafat Martínez de Luna has implemented teaching programs as well as fun cycling competitions for toddlers. One such intervention involved more than 140 children from the local school, teaching them about cycling for environment and health.

New Delhi, India

Dalip Sabharwal, Bicycle Mayor and founder of Delhi Pedalers & Runners, participated in the 16,000-person Delhi Marathon and spread awareness amongst the running community to take up cycling for their daily commutes and make Delhi breathable and cycle-friendly. 

Chennai, India

Felix John worked with the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority on a feasibility study for a cycle-to-work bicycle lane on the 40km long technology corridor in Chennai. Felix’s role was instrumental in bringing the project to completion and working with authorities and corporations to promote and enable sustainable mobility.

Den Haag, Netherlands

Remco de Rijk organised a Bike to School Day event in accordance with Clean Air Day, supported by a presentation to help children understand mobility processes and existing cultural and infrastructural barriers to cycling.

Bicycle Mayor Network Impact

The Bicycle Mayor Network operates in over 100 cities around the world and these are just a few examples of the impact they have on their surroundings, and the power of the Network to catalyse that impact.

Bicycle Mayors can accelerate the changes we need to see by uniting all citizens to take action. They bring creative diversity with new insights and approaches, from both inside and beyond the world of bicycle planning professionals or the political establishment. They are the human face and voice of cycling in a city. By connecting these changemakers across a global network – creating greater visibility, rapidly sharing ideas, challenges and solutions, – we can create a truly radical shift.

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